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Focus on Active and passive customers.

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What do customers actually communicate to firms through their behaviors when they frequently switch between service providers? Apparently, they seem to tell service providers about the amount of knowledge they possess or not possess concerning the relationship they have with the particular firm. In other words, the communication the firm sends out passing through service, advertising, PR and direct marketing do or do not reach them and influence behavior accordingly. The awareness of that phenomenon and understanding was tested during a longitudinal test amongst telecom customers showing that communication aiming at customers’ reactions, would preferably have to be related to customers’ actual behavior instead of being based on attitudinal opinions about companies.

The result of the project is a new product called LET. In order to be successful in business companies have to have the right information about customers that create the business. The tool generated by this project (LET) educates the companies not only to focus on the customers that actively search for information and alternatives on the market but also on the passive customers. The knowledge of the effect of the difference between active and passive customers for a loyalty-enhancing communication is the results of the LET model. The current situation in companies is that the communication is based on what Active customers provide and a significant part of the customers, Passive, experience that the companies do not communicate with them because the messages are not in their interests.